Our Work Is Done, and You Are in Good Hands

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      Back in 2018, I started informal conversations with Mary Heffner and Anne Lloyd, our partners from Elsevier who worked with us on the Journal of Thoracic Oncology (JTO). The discussion centered around starting a second International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) journal, now that JTO was a “high impact” journal, and thus rejecting a growing number of meritorious manuscripts. Our own Mary Todd joined the conversation, and we toyed with the idea for a while and brought it up with the IASLC leadership, who was very supportive. The discussions took off in earnest in 2019, when it was decided in principle to launch a second journal, culminating in the birth of JTO Clinical and Research Reports (JTO CRR). The technical aspects were handled with professional efficiency by Mary Todd and Mary Heffner. Because of the steep learning curve required to successfully develop a new journal from scratch, a cohort of JTO Associate Editors functioned also as associate editors of JTO CRR. Without their dedication and support, the initial success of this journal would have not been possible, and I want to thank them individually. They are the following:
      • Satoshi Ishikura
      • Jeffrey Bogart
      • D. Ross Camidge
      • Cheryl Ho
      • Thomas John
      • Keith Kerr
      • Shun Lu
      • Sumithra Mandrekar
      • Luis Montuenga
      • Silvia Novello
      • Sai-Hong Ignatius Ou
      • Keunchil Park
      • Jean-Louis Pujol
      • Gabriella Sozzi
      • Emily Stone
      • William Travis
      • Shinichi Toyooka
      • Paul Van Schil
      • Graham Warren
      • James Chih-Hsin Yang
      • Yasushi Yatabe
      JTO CRR was launched in January 2020, with our new Managing Consultant, Vun-Sin Lim. The plan Elsevier had outlined was for us to publish quarterly for the first 2 years, bimonthly for the third year, and then monthly thereafter. Because of the hard work of the individuals named previously, together with our new JTO CRR Associate Editors, the journal was published quarterly for only the first year, 2020. Starting in 2021, it was published monthly and transitioned to article-based publishing. The journal was indexed in PubMed and Scopus in 2021 because of the critical mass of meritorious articles that had been published in the first year. Our publisher is preparing the application for JTO CRR to be evaluated and enter the Emerging Source Citation Index (part of the Web of Science core collections). The journal will then receive an impact factor a year after being indexed in Emerging Source Citation Index. It has been an exciting journey, and now that the journal is firmly established, it is time to hand the reins over to a new Editor-in-Chief. It is indeed exciting and reassuring to turn this emerging journal over to Dr. Emily Stone who has been a reliable and outstanding Associate Editor for JTO and JTO CRR. Dr. Stone is dedicated, thorough, thoughtful, and fair to all authors. She has single-handedly contributed to the news column in the “From the IASLC Tobacco Control Committee” section for JTO. I have no doubt that JTO CRR is going to soar to new heights under her leadership.
      Thus, our work is done. On my own behalf and on behalf of the JTO Associate Editors named previously who will now devote their full attention to JTO, I would like to thank our capable editorial office manned by Mary Todd and Vun-Sin Lim, and recently Bailey Creamer, our continuing JTO CRR Associate Editors, the IASLC office and leadership, IASLC members, and above all our authors, reviewers, and content consumers who made the growing pains of JTO CRR bearable and indeed even enjoyable.
      To all, we say adieu….

      CRediT Authorship Contribution Statement

      Alex A. Adjei: Writing - original draft, Writing - review and editing.